Immune Clinic

KMF Hospital Immune Clinic

At Kalai Medical Foundation hospital we have opened a specialized “immune booster clinic”. Keeping in mind the present scenario, this immune clinic will concentrate specially on targeting the ways and means to boost the immune response of every individual. We have organised a team of doctors under the direct supervision of Dr. Bagyavasan. K to attend to such patients intending to improve their immune system.

1. There will be special treatment protocols catered to individual needs.

2. It includes organised history taking, examination protocols followed as per international standards.

3. Investigations if necessary and comprehensive diagnosis of the immune status of the patient. Once this status is attained, our team of doctors will prescribe medicines (herbal, supplementary, complimentary, dietary changes, life style modification, preventive measures and naturacheutical products) and general management in order to equipe the patients to protect themselves from infections like corona and help them improve their immunity to fight against such infections.

Please Keep Body and Mind Healthy.

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