VENTURE began out of the desire to contribute to the community, just as communities have fed us all over the years. Although originally form a larger market, we realize the need for a personnel agency that fills a void left by other placement agencies in our sector. We who have faced difficulties in staffing and specifically match the skilled worker for us at our hospital and health care establishment decided to cater clients and workers a better platform, by saving businesses time and money, while providing for its employees with honesty and honour.

This requires a high level of communication, open- ended questions and “listening and not talking” environment. We as a chief provider know the knacks of the market well as we ourselves have been in that position. Therefore we can serve each client and employee, provide, fulfil and satisfy their needs with quality work.

The long term vision includes a number of offices throughout the country and in countries where we send our students. The team is committed in giving necessary training to employees and to understand the needs of our clients and be the best bet to bridge both without compromising the quality and efficiency of service.

Services includes:

  • Handling recruiting
  • Providing pre-training to recruits before sending them to clients
  • Understanding the need of the client and train candidates accordingly
  • Reference checks
  • Skills evaluation
  • Preliminary interviewing
  • Screening of all employees for our clients
  • We act as an extension for client’s HR department
  • Assuring open communication between supervisor and employee
  • Assisting with any trouble shooting or problem solving.
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